85°C Degrees Bakery; The Hottest Taiwanese Import That Came to the U.S.

Sweet and savory carbs galore, 85°C Bakery is the hottest Taiwanese import cafe that just opened it's 1000th store in Houston, Texas. From their fluffy brioche to their famous marbled taro bread (one of my favorites), I can see why this place always has a line snaking out the door.  Just-made savory and sweet breads come out of the kitchen frequently, while beautiful cakes with freshly sliced fruits are also displayed throughout the store. You'll be amazed with the sheer amount of delicious choices--over 60 pastries to choose from.  I know the French are famous for their baked goods, but the Asians have completely made their way into the patisserie scene. 85°C is also known for their coffees, smoothies, and juices. My favorite being their sea salt coffee, not too sweet and provides that extra caffeinated boost. They top it off with some cocoa powder then put it in a machine to put a seal on the top of it. Strong, refreshing and just the right amount of sweetness.


Already a crazy line starting to form.

The store is named 85°C because its apparently the perfect temperature to brew a coffee (fun fact).

Wu Cheng-Hsueh founded the bakery in Taiwan in 2004 to provide people with "five-star quality" baked goods at affordable prices. The company constantly tests new recipes and has evolved throughout the years. Part of the lure of this bakery is that there are  multiple choices for everyone, anywhere from savory to sweet or a mix of both, and breads cost less than $3-$4. The kitchen constantly brings out fresh items and the scent of baked yeast fills the air. Versatility and imagination is an essential quality of 85°C. One example being the calamari bread (that black bun below). The bread is colored with black from a squid and is filled with Swiss cheese and topped with garlic (so creative and pure yumminess).

Lastly, the staff are extremely friendly and always helpful (shout-out to the Balboa location). They know all the breads inside and out, and even mentioned to me some of their top favorites. For those who have been reading my blog from the beginning, I am a huge breadaholic, so a place like this has gotten me easily hooked; many options and flavors. With too many yummy treats to mention and great prices this bakery is a must try. Find your nearest location here. Below are some of my favorites:

Favorite Breads:
+Egg Tarts
+Milk Buns
+Taro Bread
+Brioche Bread
+Cheesy Garlic Bread

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