Favorite London Eats of 2018

London, one of my favorite cities in the world and where I consider my second home. My dad being British, we used to go back every year to visit family. I just came back from London a few days ago and I’m already trying to decide when my next visit should be. This time around, one of my best friend’s Jen (she’s also an insane foodie) was in London, and I got to explore with her some of the best places I’ve eaten in a while. Below are my top five, some actually remain consistent from my previous visits. Please share and comment below for your favorites spots in London as well!

Chiltern Firehouse

A former fire station in Marylebone, this place has become one of London’s hottest restaurants in the past years, including a recent scandal with Orlando Bloom allegedly sleeping with one of the servers from there (oh my). Michelin-star Chef Nuno Mendes mixed both European and American styles, while making each dish contemporary with bold flavors. Incredible staff, with a lively atmosphere, amazing food and wine, I can see why this restaurant remains one of the top restaurants in London.

We started our dinner with the seasonal oysters from around the UK and it was some of the best oysters I’ve had in a while. Creamy and fresh, we even ordered them for dessert because we enjoyed them so much.

The Crab Stuffed Donuts are Chef Mendes’ signature creations. Bite sized and savory, there are an absolute must-try (actually everything on the menu is haha).

Wood Grilled Cauliflower–perfectly cooked and goes so well with the cream.

Marinated Scallops-with the cucumber gazpacho, it makes it the perfect starter.

Chargrilled Iberico Pork–perfectly cooked and the flavors are not too overwhelming.

Confit Cornish Cod–light and not too fishy.

Honeymoon Melon–seaweed and red pepper kombucha, wasn’t really my favorite but the display was pretty.

Chocolate Tart–such a beautiful display.

Cream Caramel Ice Cream–my favorite and the nuts went so well with the ice cream!

Baguette Sandwiches Around London

I don’t know what it is about Europe, but they make their baguette sandwiches so much better than anywhere else. It’s simple and great for on-the-go snacks and lunches. While I was in school in London, I used to just snag one during my lunches. My friend Wictor, introduced me to PAUL‘s Mixte sandwiches, and I snag at least three or four when I’m back in town. It’s a french bakery, and you’ll find them all around Europe. The specific sandwich is made of just ham, cheese and butter; addictive and very good quality. Another baguette place I found this year while walking around Covent Garden was this place called Viandas de Salamanca, a Spanish meat shop. Deliciously cured meat inside freshly made baguettes, it was probably one of the best hams (jámon) I’ve ever had.

The famous PAUL Mixte sandwich…look at the perfectly baked baguette, and that cheese and ham. Mmm.

The sandwiches from their store window that lured me into Viandas…don’t they look flawless :D?

Mr. Fogg’s of Mayfair

Decorated from artifacts around the world, and named after the protagonist in Jules Verne’s novel Around the World in 80 Daysa complete hidden gem of a bar. Make sure to make a reservation beforehand, because it does get pretty packed. It was super quirky, amazing drinks, and very attentive staff–just how I like my bars.

Pork scratchings and olives for munching in these cute teacups.

Borough Market

This has and continues to be my favorite market in London. Go when it’s the full market with all the vendors, from Wednesday- Saturday; this place is the mecca for foodies and a great place to support local vendors. From cheeses, to meats, to fresh fish to paella, this place is HEAVEN.


Simply yet beautifully designed interior right when you walk in, my girlfriend Jen booked this place and it did not disappoint. This place is famous for their bread to the point where other restaurants order it from them. The staff was easygoing and friendly as well as the atmosphere was vibrant and lively. Everything is extremely affordable and divine, with eclectic dishes from around the world.

Brown Crab Meat on Toast–toast was perfectly made.

Green Salad–it’s a green salad, hard to mess this up haha.

The famous Bone Marrow served with grilled sourdough–oh my goodness, this was spectacular. The well-toasted bread went so perfectly with the fatty marrow. GET IT.

For dessert we ordered the Rum and Raisin Parfait and the Bread Pudding. I loved the parfait, it wasn’t too creamy nor was the rum flavor overwhelming.

London is such a cosmopolitan city full of culture, and diversity–because of this, there are always new and innovative restaurants opening and I can’t wait to explore what London has to offer. You can live here for years and not experience all the restaurants, museums and places here, it’s insane but I love it.

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