These Healthy San Diego Restaurants Will Make You Keep Your Resolution

Eating healthy has always been one of the top resolutions every time a new year rolls around. Of course, by the end of February, we slowly forget to keep our resolutions. Here are a few of my favorite healthy hot spots in San Diego that keeps me in line.

Cafe Stems-I have been going to this hidden spot on Convoy Street every other day now. I am incredibly picky about my salads but I somehow found two of my favorites here. I’m obsessed with the Asian twist they put on each salad and their dressings (which is key) are to die for.  I switch-off between “Positivitea” and “Kale-In Me Softly”. “Positivitea” is made of romaine lettuce, garlic, peanuts, sesame and they use this fantastic sencha tea leaf dressing. It takes three days to make and adds a nice touch to the salad. “Kale-In Me Softly” has kale (obviously), tofu, carrots and this creamy sesame seed dressing. SO yummy and their salads are huge. Totally worth the visit.

Wa Dining Okan-I go here for their $10 lunch specials because of their delicious traditional home-made Japanese meals. Reminds me of being back in JAPAN! There’s a choice of 14 entrees to choose from, and it all comes with a bowl of rice (I usually get the brown rice), pickles, two sides and miso soup. I love the salted baked mackerel for my entree. You can also choose things like tofu steak, grilled salmon, fried oysters, vegetable curry, to name a few. All their ingredients are fresh and organic. And their black sesame pudding is absolutely delicious.

Evolution-This healthy and vegan fast food place offers fresh salads, smoothies, juices with vegetarian and vegan options. Most of their foods are homemade from scratch, even their ketchup and ranch dressing. One of my favorites being their black bean burger with their sweet potato fries.

Cafe Gratitude-Their menu is all organic and plant-based which encourages sustainability and health with salads, wraps, juices, healthy shots, bowls, and entrees. My favorites being their desserts, health shots, and their Indian curry bowl. I love their raw pad thai kelp noodles as well, which includes brazil nut parmesan and cashew caesar dressing.

And here’s another thing that I do that helps me stay healthy: I order five meals every week from the Clean and Colorful Kitchen. Teresa, the owner, creates these healthy, clean and under 500-cal meals that are pre-made and absolutely delicious! Vegan options are also available. I replace my lunches with these amazing meals and they really help me stay healthy…and thin, haha! Order your first order here and receive 15% off using code “FRANCES” during check-out.

Trust me, I’m a huge indulgent eater and some of my favorite foods include pizza, fries, and anything with carbs..but it’s all about moderation and these restaurants and meal plans have helped me keep my weight down and stay healthy.

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  • Reply Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy March 7, 2018 at 6:12 pm

    I used to work near Convoy and am so sad I never tried the Wa Dining Okan lunch special! May have to go on one of my days off to check it out! Cafe Gratitude is another one that has interested me though Plumeria is higher up on my list to try!

    • Reply admin March 9, 2018 at 11:05 am

      Oh my goodness, you would looooooove Okan! Everything is fresh and so delicious! I haven’t tried Plumeria yet!

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