Japanese-Inspired Cloak & Petal in Little Italy

The minute you step into Cloak & Petal, your eyes land on the bar with two striking cherry blossom trees and graffiti art everywhere. My eyes couldn’t stop wandering, the place is stunning.

The whole concept behind their menu is Japanese social dining, where there’s no set order in how you order your food, and everything is tapas-style. It includes everything from sushi, elk sashimi, to glazed duck breast. There’s a list of sake as well, which they pair according to the dishes you order.

We leaned towards the Cesar Chavez & Main St roll because the server said it has a nice spicy kick to it (which I love). The presentation was beautiful with pops of pink, yellow, green and white. The roll was made of shrimp tempura, jalapeno, spicy tuna, avocado, habanero, and ponzu.

The chef’s assorted sashimi was a no-brainer for me. With a selection of salmon, Hamachi and more, I didn’t know where to start since they include all my favorites. I also appreciated that the wasabi was freshly.

We were debating on whether to get the duck, as the server had highly recommended it and I’m so glad we did. The duck was tender and flavored with a beet puree which ¬†just enhanced our enjoyment.


Lastly, we had Yoshoku Steak, the Japanese wagyu ribeye. This was my favorite dish; the steak was so buttery and thinly sliced. The side was a mushroom sauté with a yolk on top.


We ended our meal with Cotton Cheesecake, a light, and fluffy lemony cake. Cloak and Petal offers a variety of dishes and I highly recommend going with either friends or on a unique date night!

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