5 Taco Spots You Need To Try in San Diego

San Diego is known for outstanding Mexican food. I had my first real tacos when I was 18 in San Diego (for the longest time I thought they were just served in those hard shells) and thought they were the most delicious thing ever. San Diegans are passionate about their tacos

  • Puesto: This vibrant restaurant has a huge emphasis on their tacos. Everything from filet mignon to carne asada, you really can’t go wrong with any of Puesto’s options. They even have a secret taco menu, which includes a combo of lobster and filet mignon called the “Hero” taco. A must-try! Side note: Their “Esquite” is my absolute favorite dish on their menu-it’s grilled corn with chile, lime, queso and crema. Ugh so delicious. 
  • City Tacos: With fantastic traditional street tacos as well as creative twists of these tacos, City Tacos has a variety to choose from. Plus their salsa bar is fully stocked with so much to choose from. And everything is house-made down to the drinks.          
  • Taco El Gordo: Featuring authentic Tijuana tacos, the Chula Vista-based branch has all of OG tacos including lengua and cabeza (tongue and head). My favorite being the tacos de adobada, which is made of thin pork steaks sliced from a vertical rotisserie. Everything is freshly made and all the tacos are fantastic.
  • Oscar’s Mexican Seafood: Oscar’s was actually the first taco restaurant I tried in San Diego. I love their fish tacos and steak tacos. And the salsas they served are freshly made and have an authentic taste to them, like their creamy chipotle sauce. Their ceviche is also BOMB. Side note: This place is cash only!  
  • Salud: Located in Barrio Logan, I love how this place takes a twist on your typical street tacos. They also have a great selection of craft beer and specialty cocktails, horchata cocktail at the top of the list. The tacos I had were savory, tender and deliciously wrapped in their homemade pink corn tortilla The interior has a cool vibe to it as well, with Chicano art decorated everywhere around the restaurant. I’m also obsessed with their house-made corn chips-they are wonderfully seasoned and go so well with guacamole, salsa or by itself.
  • Bonus: Tostadas: I actually had my first Tostada last year, and it was amazing. It’s like a small pizza with goodies such as smoked salmon or fresh ahi on top. Tostadas in North Park not only have an amazing option of fresh fish but also meat options as well. And the tostadas are beautifully presented as well!
    Have a favorite taco place? Comment below so I can check it out! 

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  • Reply Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy November 20, 2017 at 11:51 am

    I like the freshness of Tostadas, which has the same owner as City Tacos. You should check out Galaxy Tacos on one of their Taco Tuesday Takeovers. They bring in a different chef who offers a specialty taco! I usually see them on these pretty blue corn tortillas.

    • Reply admin November 29, 2017 at 11:00 am

      Thanks for the suggestion!! I’ve actually never been to Galaxy Tacos so thank you :)! I’ll check it out!

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