My First Experience and Favorite Eats in San Fran

Hellloooooo SF! I have been dying to go to San Francisco for a while now…the culture, the movie “The Sweetest Thing” (if you know this reference, we are friends),”Full House” and of course THE FOOD. I went to a variety of places for the short three days I was there, I literally stuffed my face and moved onto the next. I will be going again to visit my sisters at the end of March but below were a few places that stood out! Please comment below for your favorite spots so I can try it when I go next!



You need to go, period. I got dropped off by the uber man, and it felt like I was in Hong Kong again. Cooked ducks hanging from the ceiling of restaurants, people pushing past me because the streets are packed, yummy pastries everywhere, and dim-sum deliciousness. I wasn’t able to stop by the dimsum restaurants, but I pounded down a few char siu baos and egg tarts. And of course, my favorite juice, Lemon Tea 😀

nom nom nom, the meat…. i can’t…


Not only did they have a great supply of oysters and bubbly all around, this is honestly hands down the best, yes the best, clam chowder I’ve ever had. It was creamy, yet light, the potatoes were soft and real shelled clams…I went back twice, it was absolutely magical, you won’t regret it. Ugh, I’m drooling it now just thinking about it.


My father actually recommended this place, he said my grandpa used to eat an entire crab with a nice glass of chablis and watch the harbor. They didn’t have any chablis, but some great wines that pair well with crab are: albarino, pouilly-fume, cava whites, and mostly dry, and light whites. I went with a chardonnay fermented in stainless steel, and it paired excellently with this crab. It not only complimented the white and light taste but also went well with the butter and sautéed veggies.

And the negative……

The one place I was absolutely disappointed was SAMOVAR TEA LOUNGEI saw an amazing looking avo toast and some matcha green tea photo on Cyneats, and it looked like she’s been there a few times. There was an image in my head in what I expected, so when I was presented with a fallen egg, wayyyy too salty salmon topping and soggy bread, I was highly disappointed…and me and this other customer were the only two in the restaurant, and the two servers were just chatting and not attentive at all. And the toast= $14. Not worth the hype.

what the eff is this….?

This is what I was expecting, so you can understand my huge disappointment…

There are still pages and pages of places I’ve been wanting to try..please comment below for any of yours favorites!

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