My Winter Favorites of 2017-2018

Winter is full of chilly indoor nights, long black leather boots and plenty of wine, of course! You may have your favorites for the season, but if you’d like to add to your repertoire, here are a few of my favorite things for this Winter.

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  1. Buddha Teas- Matcha Now-This is made of 100% fresh, pure matcha. I’m obsessed with anything matcha- it tastes great, it’s a natural detox, TONS of antioxidants, prevents diseases, gives you energy, and soo much more. Also, as an avid wine-drinker, matcha is great for hangovers. It helps flush out the toxins from the liver because of the rich antioxidants. This bottle from Buddha Teas is the best because it stores the fresh matcha from Japan in the cap, and you twist it when you’re ready to drink the tea, and the matcha is released into the water. They use the ceremonial green matcha (top tier) and it tastes delicious. The perfect go-to drink.

    The amazing bone marrow from Craft and Commerce.

  2. Craft & Commerce-Revamped after a year-long hiatus, I love the larger space, the new executive chef Ted Smith, and the new hidden tiki bar, False Idol at Craft & Commerce. Many of the new dishes are made from red and white oak-fired grill. Some of my favorites being the grilled oysters, the burger, and the bone marrow. After you’re done with the scrumptious dinner, step insides False Idol for some strong tiki drinks. It’s like you’ve walked into Hawaii-a completely different setup from Craft & Commerce. I love the colorful glass balls covering the walls and the carved tiki masks around the bar. Don’t let me ruin the surprise for you any further, just go!

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  3. Facial Steamer-This at-home facial steamer has become a MUST to my daily morning routine, especially when I’m having those wine-heavy nights. Infuse it with rose water and steam your face for about 5-8 minutes in the morning. It’s amazing for my dry and dehydrated skin and I end up with a dewy, smoother complexion! I got mine here and the rose water I use is this. Oh, AND you can use a facial mask after your facial steaming. The perfect at-home spa day.

    My favorite-coconut soup!

  4. Tidal-I raved about it in my previous post here, Tidal is such a hidden-gem-of-a restaurant. With new executive chef Andrew Reyes, he adds touches of pacific-islander into some of the dishes. My FAVORITE is the coconut soup, one of the best things I’ve had in 2017. Having dinner overlooking the Mission Bay water with a glass of Rioja in hand makes me so happy.
  5. Wines from Bine and Vine-This is now my go-to place for wine. They always have the top selections of wine, and you can get the whole range of inexpensive to expensive bottles. AND the guys that work there are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I asked for wines they recommended in the $15-20 price range that were red and on the bolder side. I ended up buying a case of a variety of wines they recommended and came back the next day to buy gifts. Wine specialty stores are great because they don’t sell the wines in bulk as they do to any chain grocery store but instead, have great selections from around the world and it’s just fun to try different types of wines! Definitely check them out here.

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  6. Perfect Bar-Super soft and filled with natural ingredients, these are the perfect snack. It’s fantastic quality nut butter, no fillers and tons of added sugar. A great source of protein and I always have a stack of these in my fridge. The almond butter flavor is my absolute favorite.
  7. Wine Glasses-I am obsessed with wine glasses that can let the wine BREATHE, especially if I’m drinking the big and bold red wines during winter.  Having an increased surface area is a benefit to optimize releasing aromas while drinking. I recently bought these on Amazon and love them! they really let the aromas and flavors emerge. AND they are easy to swirl too.

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  8. Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut– With flavors of apricot, peach, and minerals, this is a great champagne to ring in the new year! It’s a little on the pricier side but it’s completely worth it and great for special occasions. 
  9. Hundred Proof’s Alcoholic Milkshakes– Created by the famous pastry chef Jeremy Harville, these boozy milkshakes from Hundred Proof change seasonally and they are DIVINE. He recently changed it to a lemon meringue pie milkshake and yes, it has an entire meringue pie in the milkshake!!! Absolutely decadent and super tasty.

These are my obsessions for this Winter, please comment and share with me yours below!

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