The Cork and Craft in North County–A Hidden Gem!

A triple threat restaurant, with great wine, craft beer and food, there is something everyone can enjoy at The Cork and Craft in North County San Diego. The manager, Sean, provided us with his favorites..I was mind blown by the presentation of the food when it arrived– seemed like something straight out of a food magazine. And the food tasted as great as it looked!!

Wagyu Beef Tartare – served with pesto, egg yolk puree and wonton chips, holy. For those who don’t know what wagyu is, it is Japanese marbled beef…”wa” means Japanese and “gyu” means cow. This was delishhh, the egg yolk and pesto on the side went so so well with the beef tartare.

Strawberry Burrata Tartine– burrata cheese spread on sourdough bread with balsamic, strawberries, and pesto. ERR MA GAWD, first, can we please drool over this presentation?? Can you not completely imagine this in front of a Food and Network magazine cover? Plus I LOVE burrata. I can’t look at this photo without drooling. I didn’t want to touch it because it looked so beautiful (you know you’re a foodie when..). When my girlfriend and I finally got around to it, we inhaled it. The burrata wasn’t overwhelming, and the balsamic with the strawberries were a nice touch. A must-try!

Fried Brussel Sprouts– served with pancetta and apple vinaigrette. The brussel sprouts were perfect cooked, I get so peeved how sometimes restaurants serve them kind of burnt or too oily..I know this dish is simple, but it’s really easy to mess up. The pancetta was cooked perfectly, and went oh-so-well with the sprouts.

Waiting for our food to arrive with the beautiful bestie..our choice was a glass of rosé. I chose this because it doesn’t mask some of the delicate flavors. A lot of our dishes had fruit in them, so it really embraced the acidity in the dry rosé and subtle berry flavors.

Honey Crepe Cake- whipped mascarpone, with honey glaze and pistachio crumble. That ice cream was life, and it wasn’t too sweet either.

Cheery Pie– with chocolate swirled crème fraîche ice cream, dark chocolate ganache and delicious pie crust. The crust was to die for.

Next on the list are the garlic noodles. Definitely go here for quality bites, great service and atmosphere. Totally worth the drive.

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