The Must-Try Wines for Autumn

The temperatures are going down, pumpkin flavored “fill-in-the-blank” are out in stores, crisp, crackly leaves permeate the air, and light sweaters are all signs that my favorite season is here! Below are some wines that are perfect for the Fall.

Pinot Noir
I mentioned this in my previous post, Pinot Noir is a great party wine, especially with holidays such as Thanksgiving coming up! With fruit flavors such as blackberry, cherry mixed in with warm spicy notes, it goes well with both white and dark meats as well as lighter dishes. It’s consistent acidity, slight tannins and light-body makes it one of the most versatile wines to pair with food.

This Italian wine is usually overshadowed by Nebbiolo, both being from the same region, Piedemont. It was considered a “second-class” wine until the late 1990’s and 2000’s when wine producers started providing more time to the Barbera grape, and became a great wine. This wine shows flavors of cherry, with high acidity and lower tannins. This will go excellently with a tomato-based food such as a pizza, my fave.

This is a thick skin grape and more tannic than a Barbera and heavier in body. Flavors of dark plum, black licorice, and earthy tones, this is the type of wine that you’d eat with those hearty meals such as a meatloaf, charcuterie board or a beef stew. It’s more of a meal wine rather than a sipping wine because it is quite heavy.

This wine makes it one of the best wines for the Fall with notes of clove, flavors of spice, fruit and moderate in alcohol. Because of the spices, it goes well with ethnic foods such as Moroccan or Indian food. If you want a bit more of a kick for your wine, I would get a GSM blend (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre). When you get an aged GSM the bold flavors and the dried red fruit flavors make it a perfect wine for a chilly night. This is another great Thanksgiving wine, it’ll go well with stuffing and turkey.

Sangiovese based wines are rich, smokey, leathery flavors with gripping tannins which make this a delicious savory wine. The flavors range from rustic to fruit, with high tannins and high acidity. This goes well with roasted meats and pastas with tomato based sauces.

Cabernet Franc
This being one of my favorite wine varietals, you’ll find hints of strawberry and plum on top of notes of tea if you get it from the Loire Valley. Medium-body and high in acidity, it’s incredibly savory and goes well with Fall vegetable dishes such as an eggplant dish or mushroom risotto. Roasted pork and burgers would pair excellently with this wine as well.

Jammy and flavors of tobacco, chocolate, cinnamon- this robust wine explodes with multiple layers of flavor. Bold with higher alcohol content than the average wine, this will pair with pumpkin, barbecue, squash-just every food considered Fall, haha!

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