Tidal Restaurant: The Beautiful Restaurant in Paradise Point

Located right on the shores of San Diego’s Mission Bay, this hidden gem of a restaurant Tidal is the perfect date night spot or happy hour with girlfriends! Newly Executive Chef Andrew Reyes brings his heritage (he’s from Guam) into each of the dishes, and uses seasonal ingredients. Plus, I love how he was so down-to-earth and has a knack for creating a beautiful and flavorful menu. I was surprised and delighted at every turn, but what lingered most strongly in my memory was the glorious Tom Kha, the spicing was gentle and not overpowering. The coconut flavor was fantastic and there was just so much flavor in one dish. Everything from the view, the chef, the waiter, and the food, was phenomenal.

We started our meal with Chef Andrew’s take on island-style tamales. One was made of corn, confit octopus, and chorizo, the other tamale was made with rice, uni and chimichurri aioli. Such a unique take on a tamale, I really enjoyed every bite of this starter.

The house-made island rolls were next with whipped pineapple honey butter, his twist on Hawaiian rolls. These are so easy on the palate and the pineapple butter addition was such a treat.

Winner of the 2017 “I LOVE POKE FEST”, this fresh tuna poke was laid out beautifully in a pineapple, mixed with seaweed (wakame), shoyu, and squid ink lavash to scoop up the poke yumminess. The flavors were blended well and I loved the presentation.

“Island Style” Coconut Soup aka Tom Kha was my FAVORITE!!! This gentle coconut broth was mixed with lobster meat, black corn, lime…all these flavors, and are guaranteed to rouse the weariest of souls.

Soy Braised Beef Cheek was next on the menu. The beef was so tender, it melted with my mouth and the whipped mashed potatoes tied in very well with this dish.

We ended our meal with two desserts, the first being the Manga Panna Cotta. Surrounded by a crisp meringue and plum sauce, it was a very intriguing and delicious intake on a panna cotta.

The Star Apple Brule Cheesecake had the perfect sweetness to every bite and I loved the addition of the dragonfruit in this dessert.

The amazing view from our table! Overall, Tidal and Chef Andrew Reyes and the staff created an unforgettable foodie experience and I am definitely heading back soon.

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