Tostada Heaven

Tostadas to me represents the quintessential San Diego restaurant; creative, Mexican food, fresh seafood and great craft beer choices. The fish they use are fresh, and together with the crispy tostadas are sooooo yummy!!! I’ve eaten here a few times, and has never seem to disappoint. Below are a few of my favorites. Don’t forget to try the aguas frescas they have. Everything about this place is perfection, including the presentation of the food and the people that work there are super friendly, definitely my top favorite right now.


Salmon with almonds, arugula, apples, pine nuts with balsamic vinegar and arugula. Super fresh and this has always been my top three must-haves, MMMMMM it’s so pretty too, look at it…


The ahi tuna and watermelon tostada. Super refreshing and has so many flavors. It’s great with the green or red sauce.


This is the large shrimp with lime juice tostada, I’m a bit torn on this one  because I’m literally dying from the spice but I order it every time because it’s so so good. Just order it.

Don’t forget the sauces..

As for the drinking (which is the most important part, lol)…

Reds tend to over power the flavors of the fish, so I would go with something light and sweet or something like a sauvignon blanc, rose or pinot gris. Ultimately, this is mixed with some spicy salsa so I think it would go best with their beer.


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