TRUST Restaurant in Hillcrest-The New “It” Restaurant of San Diego

With it’s open kitchen, modern architecture and massive windows, the urban restaurant TRUST is beautifully designed and has a welcoming feel right when you step in. Executive chef and co-owner Brad Wise, created a menu with ingredients that are sourced locally and made seasonally–sections of the menu divided into “Farm”, “Ocean”, “Ranch”, etc. Many of the ingredients are made in-house such as the honey butter, hush puppies, cheese, ham, and the list goes on. He tries to keep the dishes fresh and simple. The food is served like tapas style except the portions are bigger. It’s the perfect place to have a birthday dinner, to take out clients or to go on a date. Their specialty cocktails and wine list are on-point as well…This has truly become my favorite spot in San Diego and I promise you won’t go home disappointed.

We started off with the Burrata (one of my favorites cheeses). It was served colorfully on the platter with arugula, peaches, fig, and house bresaola. The Burrata was home-made and creamy. With the different textures and flavors intertwined, everything complemented the Burrata surprisingly well.

Since I love raw fish and of course tartare, I had to order the Hamachi Tartare. This again was impressively displayed, with the black sesame on the side, the hamachi was laid below an avocado stack and served with taro chips to scoop up all the goodness. The trout roe added a nice touch to the avocado and hamachi mix.

Next we ordered the seared albacore. I love the small Japanese touches chef Brad added to some of the seafood dishes. This was drizzled in ponzu (a vinaigrette-type sauce), with enoki mushrooms, fish eggs and topped with serrano peppers and ginger. Warning: the serrano peppers are hoooooootttt!!! My mouth was burning after biting into one, so I skipped the peppers on my next slice. The albacore tasted like the ocean and was delicious.

Mmmmm look at how fresh the fish looks!

We finished our main course with the hush puppies. At first, I was kind of hesitant to order them, I just think of donut holes when I hear hush puppies. Not that I have anything against donut holes, but I felt like it seemed not as exciting compared to what the other dishes had to offer. We ordered it anyway and I’m so glad we did! They were more like upscale hush puppies. The crispy hush puppies were served with delicately sliced house-made ham and house-made whipped, sweet honey butter. The ham was unreal, and so was the butter. I could’ve just eaten both separately.

On to the dessert..

All the desserts were created by pastry chef Jeremy Harville. This has to be my absolute favorite dessert, ever. Period. I’m not even a huge dessert fan, but I couldn’t stop eating these balls of amazingness. The fluffy profiteroles arrived stacked on a spike and drizzled with caramel and popcorn. These fried spheres of yumminess were filled with corn cream!!! This needs to win some sort of dessert award…

We weren’t going to order another dessert because we were stuffed but the server said we had to order the PB&J. It looked like art when it arrived; a dollop of ice cream on top of the pb&j mousse and some pain de mie (soft bread). That first bite was incredible, it tasted like a pb&j custard and it easily melted in your mouth.

And the wine…

One of my favorite white wines was served here, the Elk Cove Pinot Gris. Fresh and dry with delicate flavors of luscious pear and apple, this went well with the dessert and the Burrata we ordered.

I am the type of person if I genuinely like something, I come back for more obsessively (hello, OCD), and this was one of those restaurants. I was mind-blown by TRUST’s interior design, the food and service, and I’m absolutely going to be back (I actually went back today for the profiteroles, haha). Rarely does a restaurant have this much of an impact on me. Cheers everyone and thank you TRUST for having us.

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