Weekly Wine Tastings Delivered and Chosen by Sommeliers

Being a bit of a wine snob, I was ecstatic when I found this weekly themed wine box, Weekly Tasting, that come straight to your door (non-subscription, yay) by following my favorites, Sommelier Elizabeth Schneider and Master Sommelier Laura Maniec, throughout the years in the wine world. Elizabeth Schneider has a podcast Wine for Normal People, that I listen to religiously every week and I found Laura Maniec through guest starring in one of her episodes. Laura Maniec is one of the youngest people and also one of only 32 females from around the world to have the title Master Sommelier (only 1% of people have this title), and now she runs the amazing restaurants Corkbuzz. So yes, I trust these two 100%. With the box, you receive four bottles chosen by one of them for only $69.99 (very affordable). The wines are themed each week such as “Back-to-School”, “BBQ”, “Takeout Food”, etc. It also comes with a 10-minute video that walks you through each wine and tasting cards with what kinds of food would pair with the wines. I received “The Italian Meal” box so naturally, I decided to share this with friends and plan a fun wine and food pairing on a Sunday.

The wines were from across Italy, and as the card says “…never have a meal of Italian food without wine.” In the box, there was a bottle of Chianti, Barbera (my favorite), a Prosecco, and a Primitivo. My friend Judy, who’s an amazing cook and also part Italian, prepared some dishes that were recommended on the note cards. We had a caprese salad, carpaccio, roast beef, homemade meatballs and pasta, and honeydew wrapped in prosciutto (yum).

 We started off with the of Prosecco (since it’s the lightest wine) and paired it with the honeydew wrapped in prosciutto and also the beautiful platter of caprese salad created by my boyfriend and the tomatoes are fresh from his garden! The card reads that appetizers will go well with it, as well as lasagna noodles with a butter sauce or something light like a crab salad.

Next we opened up the bottle of Barbera d’Alba and paired it with the beef carpaccio from Piacere Mio. This has to be one of my favorite wine varietals right now. It’s rich, tart, and high in acidity and low in tannins; it pairs perfectly well with foods such as the beef carpaccio or anything with a tomato sauce base.

For the Primitivo, it said to pair it with food like a Neapolitan pizza, or a pasta with a marinara sauce, which is why we drank this with the meatballs and tomato pasta. This made the dish taste richer, and brought out the tomato flavors even more.

We ended the amazing feast with the roast beef and paired with the Chianti. This wine has had five years of aging, so it’s a lot more smokier, bolder and goes well with hearty meals such as a steak or the roast beef we had. What a perfect pairing and a great way to end the meal! And yes, we finished all the wine, haha.

This box is all about the education and truly appreciating the wines and expanding your knowledge, which I absolutely love. Plus the wines are high in quality and great ways to have a food and wine party like we did.

Make sure to sign up here to receive their newsletter to check out what themes are every week and sign up for your favorites! I highly recommend it for all you wine lovers out there. I can’t wait to order my next box.

Italian food+tasty wines= So happy right now

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